Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Historical Archive of Crete

The Historical Archive of Crete was established in 1920 based in Chania and constitutes a Public Interprefectorial Service, a decentralised department of the General Record Office of the State, which comes directly under the Ministry of Education. It is housed in a public, neoclassical, scheduled building at 20 I. Sfakianaki Str. and it also includes a second, ancillary building with filing-rooms.
The Historical Archive has reached today such a high level, that it is considered to be the largest of the regional Historical Archives in our country in terms of content, volume and material importance. The aim and mission of th Historical Archive of Crete consists in the collection, classification, recording, preservation and promotion of all kinds of archives and relics related to Cretan History. Today, approximately 700,000 historical documents are preserved in the Historical Archive : Large historical collections, such as the official correspondence of the Cretan Revolutions of 1821-1830, 1866-1869, 1877-1878, 1895-1898 and 1905. Moreover, it includes many private collections with archives material belonging to Rebels and other prominent figures, the archives of Cretan fighters, the archives of the Turkish Administration in Crete, the Central Translation Office of Crete, the Cretan Government and German Occupation, as well as Administrative, Judicial, Church archives, etc., a large photographic material with approximately 3,000 photographs, a complete record of the Cretan Press since 1831, a specialised Library containing about 10,000 titles, as well as a large museum collection of valuable historical and folklore relics.

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