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Home insurance in Crete / Greece

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Generali Relax home CLASSIC

The Basis Insurance, valid for one year, covers all necessary issues of owning a property on Crete as there are:
Fire and lightning, explosion due to any cause, damage caused by colliding vehicle, falling plane and other objects, smoke, storm, snow, hail, flood, water-main break, vandalism, short-circuit, sewage system damage, broken windows, debris removal ...

the list goes on; to view the whole list click here

Optional you may choose additional an insurance against Earthquake damages. In this case feel free to contact Furthermore without any costs you can receive a quote for your home, life, health, car or watercraft insurance.

GENERALI is a leading provider of life assurance and employee benefits plans to clients worldwide. With a history spanning over one hundred and twenty years in the international market, GENERALI has gained an enviable reputation for its level of experience, expertise and market knowledge.

Insurance programme including only the basic coverage, targeted to borrowers and customers wishing to have low cost home insurance.

Coverage against
Fire, lightning, explosion, falling plane, earthquake, inflation clause.

Annual gross premium
For every 1.000 Euro of insured capital, the annual premiums are as follows:

* 1,90 Euros (building)
* 2,05 Euros (contents)

Health insurance in Crete / Greece

We thank Ktimatoemporiki Crete for the information

MedExclusive and MedProtection

Good health is precious and priceless. To better protect your health as well as the health of your loved ones, Generali offers MedExclusive and MedProtection.

MedExclusive - Generali's Health Care Program

What is MedExclusive?
MedExclusive is Generali's comprehensive health care program, designed to meet your full range of health care needs - from prevention to treatment. The high-quality features of the program provide you with timely preventive care (through complimentary annual check-ups and diagnostic exams) as well as immediate access to health services, whenever and wherever the need arises.

Based on the premise that true quality of life is dependent upon good health, Generali created MedExclusive to provide its customers with the tools necessary for maintaining it-prevention and early diagnosis.

MedExclusive offers you prevention and treatment - so that you can always feel protected.


Medical Hotline
Staffed with medical and administrative personnel, our Medical Call Center operates 24-hours a day, 365 days a year, and is accessible by calling toll free 800 11 48 484 or 210 80 96 444 (when calling from a mobile phone).

Our Medical Center provides you with the medical advice you need and coordinates your care.

MedExclusive Health Card
Your personal MedExclusive Health Card provides you with the care you need when you visit one of our network health facilities without paying any out-of-pocket costs.

Our Physician and Health Facility Network
Generali has built an extensive network of physicians (primary care and specialists) and health facilities throughout Greece, ensuring you have access to care regardless your place of residence.

What does MedExclusive Offer You and Your Family?
Outpatient Care
  • Unlimited number of visits to in-network physicians
  • Partial coverage for visits to out-of network physicians
  • Annual check-up at one of our in-network health facilities
  • Unlimited number of screenings at our in-network health facilities
  • Child immunizations
  • Prenatal care at one of our in-network facilities
Inpatient Care
  • Up to 460.000 Euros per year for hospital expenses, either in Greece or abroad
  • Choice of health facility
  • Choice of Accommodation
  • 100% coverage of expenses incurred in Intensive Care, regardless of the accommodation class the insured has chosen in his/her policy
  • Direct billing of hospital expenses to the insurance company when insured is treated at an in-network health facility
  • Coverage of expenses for an Exclusive Night Duty Nurse, as well as for an Exclusive Nurse during the day, if deemed medically necessary
  • A daily allowance for each day insured is hospitalized, in the event the hospital expenses are not covered by Generali
  • A lump sum payment when insured undergoes surgery
  • Maternity Care - A daily allowance at childbirth
  • Emergency air transfer by MedLine
  • Legal Assistance - Coverage of legal expenses in the case of a malpractice lawsuit
Generali offers you and your family the protection you need to stay healthy. We offer fixed premiums for your children's health insurance until they reach the age of 18.

MedProtection is Generali's basic health care plan and offers the following:
  • Up to 260.000 Euros per year in hospital expenses for hospitalization in a public or private hospital, in Greece or abroad, due to illness or accident
  • Member ID card (Card allows for payment to be settled directly between hospital and insurer)
  • Coverage of doctor's fees in case of an accident
  • Pre- and post-hospitalization costs
  • Coverage of hospital expenses for outpatient care
  • Maternity Care
  • Emergency transfer
  • Daily allowance when insured is hospitalized (either for treatment or surgery)
With the strength and confidence of a leading insurance group, Generali provides you with a complete range of high-quality and low-cost health care coverage.

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