Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Hiking and nature in Eastern Crete

Agios Georgios - Katofigi Cave

The point that you are to start trekking to the Katofigi cave, is about 200 m after the crossroads of Agios Georgios, on the national road Sitia – Ierapetra and 15 km from Sitia. This sign is on the national road. You will have to walk the first 300 m on a craggy path.
Pay attention to this point! You can easily get tangled and lose your way. The path leading to the cave, starts behind this fold (in the photo). As you pass the fold, you will immediately descry the path that climbs up the slope.
The time you need to reach the cave is about 30-40 minutes and about 25 minutes for the return. The landscape is wild and imposing as all Cretan countryside.
The first 10 minutes’ walking is a little bit tiring, because it’s singularly uphill. But when you reach the top, the magnificent view will expiate you.
On all the way to the Handras and Sitian Mounts you have unlimited view. Deeply in horizon you can also descry settlements as Pressos, Katsidoni and other smaller ones, which are well hidden in the valleys.
View to the north-east. On your left you can descry Sitian bay with its clear-blue waters. The top of the mount that you can see in the background, is Prinias with 805 m height.
The path is clear-sighted in all its route and you will meet no problems to the direction.
The most ideal season for this excursion is from November to June, when the hills are full of herbs and wild flowers. If you visit the region in October, you will have the opportunity to see flowers as that one in the photo.
The entrance of the cave with Sitian Mounts and the blue sky in the background. The height here is 450 m.
The entrance is behind those rocks. The red crosses on the rocks will make your search easier.