Monday, October 15, 2007

Cretan Cheese... yammy!

Anthotyros xeros
(dried anthotyros )
When anthotyros is dried you get anthotyros xeros.While drying it is heavily salted and therefore it is rather savoury.
It is a wonderful cheese, eaten plain as well as grated over pasta.It can also be turned into the delicious ladotyri ( cut in cubes and packed in olive oil )

It is made of either sheep or goat’s milk . It is a very tasty, soft, sweet, white cheese.Since it is not rich in fat, it is very healthy. It is eaten in the same way as myzithra.

Myzithra glykia
(sweet myzithra )
It is made of either sheep or goat's milk ( sometimes mixed as well ) .The best myzithra comes from goat's milk.It is delicious and light.

(sour myzithra )
It is made of either sheep or goat's milk (sometimes mixed as well ) .It is an ex-cellent kind of cheese, very tasty but rather rich in fat. Both cheeses are eaten in numerous ways, for examle ; plain, or with paximadi ( hard bread ) in salads or as a filling in kaltsounia ( traditional cheese pies) etc.

(gruyere )
It is made of sheep's milk or mixed with goat’s milk. We should say that it is not only famous locally but universally as well.

It is made from staka when it is processed and of cource it is equally as rich.See our recipe section about its use.

It is made exactly as graviera .The difference is that kephalograviera is aged more and therefore it is more savoury ( due to the larger quantity of salt it has absorded ) Of cource the quality remains the same.

Pheta/ feta
Typical cheese of sheep's or goat's milk or mixed .However it can not be classified as a traditional product of Western Crete since its production has started only recently.

Yaourti paradossiako
(Traditional Yogurt )
It is made of top quality sheep milk ( hour's fresh ).Due to its freshness, yaourti has a high consistency of fresh milk fat which makes it delicious.

Any cheese like graviera , kephalograviera or anthotyros xeros can be turned into ladotyri provided it is aged and dried for over a year.
It is then cut into cubes and packed in virgin olive oil.This very old process presumably originated in harsh times, when refridgeration facilities were not available.
Staka or Anthogalo
It is the cream of the milk, the first product of the milkprocess.
If it is beaten, we get fresh butter.
It obviously has a high consistency of fat.

Malaka or Tyromalaka
It is a fresh cheese (tyromaza) and is used as a filling in Kaltsounia.