Friday, June 15, 2007

Q&A Game with Christiane & Wolfgang Bodem

1. How did you decide to buy a property in Crete
Decades ago I was here and from far Crete never relinquished me. Because of a incomprehensible reason, I have found a place where the old Crete still exists. During a self-discovery seminar we had to write down what we believe is still important in our life and what we our wish is. I wrote done “house in Crete”.

2. How did you find out about Ktimatoemporiki
Through the internet; your site was congenial as well as the offers

3. How would you describe the procedure of the purchase
The purchase was surely not easy but it was dealt very professional. Also the support was super until the house came on stream. Electricity, water and other things had to be applied for and we had full assistance, because not everything is that easy at it seems to be.

4. Share your experience after the purchase, eg how does it feel to renovate a house yourself
I am always glad when I can do the renovation work of the house on my own. Actually it is exactly what I was looking for. The people in the village are very friendly and helpful, just still real Greeks. I feel like a guest in this beautiful country and am happy when I can also help somebody else.

5. Describe the location where your property is
Our house is at the edge of the village of Kerames at the South-Coast of Crete. We are looking directly to the sea and have the village at the back. We have only the house and no garden, which is possibly better when not being able staying all time there. A path leads alongside the house, which is used by the women and sometimes also by the men leading to their garden below of the village. Otherwise we are undisturbed, probably also because our Greek does not exist. Have bought in fact min. 5 different Greek classes, but the one which is working on its own was until now not among them…

6. What Crete means to you
Crete means to me, going to another world. As I am only work partly I could keep for the most part the holiday feeling. It is only beautiful here.

7. Describe your favorite memory from Crete
As our daughter was younger, we sat closely twined down at the empty beach. Only the sea and the end of the world. Moreover it is my greatest view from the house, through the old door down of the sea.

8. Would you recommend Crete and our company to others? Why?
Have already recommended many times here in Austria, many are interested but less so crazy really to do something.