Friday, April 13, 2007

Activities in Crete

Climbing, Diving, Walking...
One of the most interesting potentials that the Cretan land can offer to the visitor, is that in little time and small distances one can discover and enjoy the Cretan nature. Crete is an island with countless beauties that combine sea and mountain with the best possible way. The alterations of the landscape, the geological site sees and the excellent climate make Crete an ideal place for any activity. Discover the wonderful gorges of the island and the imposing White Mountains, try scuba diving in the bottom of the sea, fly with a parachute in the clean Cretan air, or just meet the prosaism of the people staying in the isolated villages, enjoying the relaxation and the magnitude of the Cretan landscape.

Climbing – Walking
In Crete, except the sea and all the facilities that are offered by hotels, it really worths to enjoy the beauty of the landscape and the mountains. In a scene with many alternations from rough wild and deserted to green serene and passable, one can meet our gorges and mountains, track our history and civilization of the areas through archeological ruins, historic monasteries, churches and settlements. The High Mountain, the White Mountains and the rest of the mountains hide countless paths of all difficulty rates, while the gorges that are shaped between them are a unique experience as well as a challenge for every walking or climbing person. In Crete there is also a part of the Ε4 path which crosses a long area of the island and has very good signaling. And finally, for the lovers of climbing there is a well organized climbing field in the village of Kapetaniana, in the Asterousia Mountains of Heraklion.

Paragliding, or else Parapente comes from its French name (para- parachute and pente= slope) and it’s a sport with many funs. In Crete exist many schools where you can exercise and learn the secrets of it as well as practicing. Additionally there are many tracks for beginners or advanced users in order to the high view of Cretan nature.

Mountain Bike
The wonderful country roads, full of green and scents of flowers and herbs, are ideal not only for sight seeing but can also offer amazing experiences to the funs of mountain bikes. Bikers can participate in teams for organized tours following specific tracks or solely by renting a bike and following their instinct to meet tha Cretan countryside.

If you enjoy the sea sports, then during your stay on the island you can experience diving in the wonderful undersea world of Crete. Even if you are beginners, diving centers operate all over Crete in order to guide you through the process of safe diving and accompany you to wonderful under sea world, providing you with the appropriate equipment.

Forget your hotel room and far from all crowdie beaches, cut from the tourist groups, enjoy sailing alone or with your friends. In Crete are many ports and anchorages for those who wish to visit the island by shore. For the rest of you, there are schools of sailing that can teach you, provide you with the appropriate equipment and accompany you to wonderful sea trips. You can also rent a boat or join a cruise starting from the island to wherever you dream.

If you wish to relax with the sounds of nature, meet the traditional way of live of the people in villages by participating in agricultural or stockbreeding activities, meet the authentic Cretan cuisine by helping in preparations or ride in the mountains and the valleys of Crete, then the agrotourism hotels are the most appropriate way. The number of traditional hotels in Crete is constantly rising. In many areas of the island you can find hotels and other accommodation units with special features adjusted to their natural environment and in the Cretan country architecture. Staying in such traditional environment of stone and wood during your vacation is something that will surely fill you with enthusiasm and will give another dimension to your holidays. Additionally you will have the opportunity to find out yourself about the famous Cretan hospitality that only the Cretan know how to offer.

Other Activities
Except of all the above activities, the visitor of the island has many more choices so his stay in Crete remain unforgettable. The exploring of caves, horse riding, the participation in local feasts, cart driving and bowling as well as water parks are some of the many activities offered. For more information you should contact the travel agencies of the island.